Attractions on site

A Horse Riding School

Is located on the 45 m2 ground floor Our biggest attraction are the horses. There are opportunities to learn and go horse riding.

Our rural attractions

Childrens playground, inflatable pool, barbecue area, grill, bikes, horses.

For photography lovers

A great location for photography lovers, great terrain for bike trips and walks

Fishery and beaver lodge

Beaver lodge and fishery 50 metres away: two ponds containing herons, ducks and swans.

Attractions in the area

Monumental railway bridges in Stańczyki

Near the village of Stańczyki we can admire two monumental bridges that span the steep valley slopes of the Błędzianka river on the route of the already closed Gołdap-Żytkiejmy line. The bridges are also known as the Romincka Forest Aqueducts.

The Mamerki Bunker Complex in Mazuria

MAMERKI – this is where decisions were made on how to destroy our former ally – the USSR ! – 8 km from Węgorzewa, 22 km from Giżycka, 25 km from Kętrzyna, 18 km from Gierłoży, on the Masurian Canal, it was known as – The Headquarters of the German Land Forces (OKH).

Sluice on the Masurian Canal in the village of Guja

The sluice and sluice dock are located in the Węgorzewo district near the town of Guja. It is the only fully-complete and functioning lock on the route of the Masurian Canal – not only is the sluice fully complete, but it still works today and regulates the water level in Lake Rydzówka.

Kadzidłowo Wildlife Park

Kadzidłowo is a privately-owned wildlife park – it covers more than 100 ha in the Piska Forest. It was founded by Dr. Andrzej Krzywiński in order to preserve endangered species of animals which live here in conditions that are close to their natural ones.

The Gothic Castle of the Warmian Bishops in Reszel

The castle was built by the Teutonic Knights at the end of the 14th and the beginning of the 15th centuries. This monumental structure took some 50 years to build. It repeatedly came under siege by both the Polish Army and the Teutonic Knights.

Giżycko Swing Bridge and Teutonic Castle

The swing bridge was built in 1898 as a connection between the city and the Boyen Fortress. The bridge was constructed in such a way that the bridge span moves sideways and not upwards as happens with normal drawbridges. The bridge is manually-operated by one operator. The entire bridge opening operation takes about 5 minutes and is one of the tourist attractions in Giżycko.

The Indian Village of Spytkowie near Giżycko

An „Indian Village” in Masuria?! Well yes, there has been such a village in Spytkowie for several years now. The village comprises an open-air museum covering an area of some 10 hectares.

Bison in Wolisko

The bison in Wolisko live in the wild and are the biggest attraction of the Borecka Forest. In the Bison Breeding Centre near the Forester’s Lodge there is a viewing platform where you can watch the bison feeding (from 9:00 to 11:00 and from 16:00 to 18:00 from May to September).

The Broken Bridge in Kruklanki

The Broken Bridge in the village of Grądy Kruklaneckie on the River Sapina (about15 km from Giżycko) – only the ruins remain of this 5-span solid concrete bridge. The bridge used to be the second largest bridge in Masuria (after the Stańczyki bridges).

Święta Lipka

A historic pilgrimmage church of extraordinary worth which would stand up against any similar sites in Cracow, Gdansk and even Paris or Vienna, is considered to be one of the greatest examples of Late-Baroque architecture – the church serves both as a basilica and a Marian sanctuary. It is known as the „Częstochowa of the North ” or the „Pearl of the Baroque”.

The Pyramid in Rapa

The Pyramid in Rapa – the family tomb of the Barons Von Fahrenheid – the most peculiar and surprising monument in Masuria!

Masurian Shipping – White Fleet cruises

The Masurian Shipping „WHITE FLEET„ make up an inseperable part of the Masurian Lake District landscape. It is a great way to sightsee, especially for families with children but also for people who value relaxation combined with admiring the beautiful surroundings, water birds and nature from the deck of a ship.

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